VVGT workshops

vrijdag 22 maart 2019
De Finale - Berchem

In this workshop we will cultivate our own compassion and values as clinician’s toward meeting the challenges of moving through life as a gender or sexual minority (GSM). This workshop will facilitate an awareness of the ways that GSM histories, and the therapist’s own history of cultural messages about gender and sexuality, might arise in the therapeutic relationship. Through the integration of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), functional analytic psychotherapy (FAP) and compassion-focused therapy (CFT), participants will grow in their ability to relate as gendered and sexual beings. From this place, powerful and therapeutic relationships can blossom.


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Startdatum 22-03-2019
Einddatum 22-03-2019
Max. deelnemers 25
Ingeschreven 12
Aantal plaatsen 13
Sluitingsdatum 20-03-2019
Prijs per persoon €200.00